About Us

Here at MeadeSports, we live and breathe racing – and we’re here to help YOU.

You don’t always need more power to go faster – sometimes what you need is a car that’s EASIER to DRIVE FAST.
There is definite power in setup! The right suspension, right corner weight balance, and correct tires –
It all adds up to a car that is easier to drive to its potential and we can help you achieve this.
From a simple lesson in your garage, to a full day at the track, and even on event servicing –
Whatever your setup needs may be, MeadeSports is here to help!


-Jeff Denmeade

Email:  info@meadesports.com     Phone:  (860)-759-7467



Motorsport History

✦ Honda Racing USA team Driver, Pikes Peak 2015

✦ Pikes Peak 2012: 3rd in class in the Australian designed and built Skelta which was shipped to the US for the event. Giving Skelta the title of the first ever Australian built and designed vehicle to get a podium at Pikes Peak – Qualifying and on race day.

✦ Pikes Peak 2010 Time Attack 4WD class winner and new qualifying record holder – 1st Aussie in the history of the PPIHC to come home with a 1st place trophy to become the first Australian to win at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) with a Time Attack 4WD class win and a new qualifying record at the 2010 Event in Colorado.

✦ Australian Tarmac Rally Winner in the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, 2005 – 2014

✦ Mt Washington (USA) Record Holder 2 classes: 4WD and 2WD (9 –miles, 30% gravel)

✦ New England Hillclimb record holder and Champion

✦ Lap record Holder: Lime Rock Park, Watkins Glen (SCCA Class, BMW 325 GrpA)

✦ US Ice Race Winner

✦ BMW club racing (East Coast, USA) series competitor, and track record holder

✦ New England, Tri-state and National Autocross championships winner

✦ Nurburgring Class winner – Grp N E36 M3 – One of only 3 aussies to win at the ‘Ring – with Tim Schenkens and Jack Brabham as the only other Aussies to get a win at the Nurburgring

✦ Nurburgring BMW Club Europa challenge Winner – the only non-German to have won 1stPrize at that point.

✦ Nurburgring Driver for BMW North America – PR duties, dealer introductions

✦ 5 time One Lap of America Class winner: twice for BMW North America (E36 M3 Lightweight) and once each in privately entered vehicles: Subaru RS 2.5, Mitsubishi evo 5 and Porsche 996 Turbo

✦ Endurance driver – US series, Porsche 996 Turbo

✦ US Speedvision GT series runner Audi A4

✦ Team Audi driver USA – Grand AM

✦ Aston Martin PR driver – Nurburgring

✦ Test Driver for BMW North America, & Michelin North America

✦ Regular competitor in US, UK and Irish rallies

✦ US East Coast Autocross Champion.

✦ Australian rally competitor: Rally Tasmania, Rally Burnie, and Tarmac Rally winner.

✦ Mt Buller and Lake Mountain Class and overall winner

✦ Dutton rally WA Winner

✦ Targa Tasmania for BMW Australia (1994. 1996)

✦ 2011 Lake Mountain Sprint Tarmac Rally Winner, class and overall.

✦ VIP and Manufacturer Release driver:

  • AMG – 1 of only 9 authorised on-track AMG drivers (MB/AMG North America)
  • Jaguar
  • Mercedes Benz

✦ Test and development team. Corvette C4 Platform

✦ Might Car Mods Website and You Tube test and development driver.

✦ Test and development driver for all cars built, and run by Meadesports

✦ Test driver, tuning, for Australia’s number one Evo tuner.


Instructor History

✦ BMW CCA USA Instructor and class tuition – fundamentals and advanced

✦ Ferrari Car Club USA Instructor

✦ Wakefield Park, Australia

✦ Wnton Raceway, Australia

✦ Autosports Track Club

✦ Track Day Club

✦ Circuit Club

✦ SCCA Rally – Advanced Driving Instructor

✦ SCDA1 Advanced Instructor

✦ Mighty Car Mods – Development Driver


Instructing Philosophy

As an instructor, we are the ‘front line’ with the students, how they feel when we get out of the car is what stays with them for the day, or the rest of their life, the encouragement we offer, the steps we teach, and the experience and excitement we leave them with is why they’ll come back.

The goal is to make sure students, VIPs and customers leave the day feeling excited, exhilarated and exhausted. But cant wait for the next day.

Goal: Teach a driving philosophy of 100% accuracy and 80% speed has been very fruitful, it is not only how we instruct and coach but how we drive ourselves in competition to have mechanical sympathy while driving, whether just lapping, or against the clock.We win rallies with this philosophy and set fastest stage times with this philosophy.